We are
helping developers

We are investors, but also developers, so we have a good knowledge of the renewable energy business.

We work hand in hand with clients to jointly achieve success in their renewable energy and sustainability projects, right up to the ready-to-build and commissioning stages.

We know that the most important thing for a developer is to focus on the development of his/her project portfolio. For this reason, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions until the projects are up and running.

This is why we make your best ally


Sectoral expertise and international experience

Sectoral expertise and international experience

We are backed by more than 25 years of experience in all types of technologies, regions and project maturity stages in the field of renewable energies.


Agile decision-making

Agile decision-making

We know that a developer needs speed to focus on the development, construction and operation of a project. That is why our decision-making processes in internal committees are both agile and efficient.


Trust-based relationship

Trust-based relationship

We nurture the relationship we have with our partners over the long-term, one that is built on commitment and trust.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of experienced financial, technical and business professionals.
  • Raúl Rodríguez Sabater

    MBA IESE Business School. MBA MIT Exchange Programme. Graduate in Economics and Business Studies (UPF).
    Deputy General Manager at Banco Sabadell. 17 years in private equity, venture capital and renewable energy investments. 6 years in structured finance. 3 years in auditing and due diligence

    Raúl Rodríguez Sabater

    Managing Director at BS Capital & Subdirector General Banco Sabadell

  • Xavier Gàsquez Rutes

    Master’s in Corporate Finance & Law (ESADE), Industrial Organisation Engineer (UPC), Electrical Industrial Technical Engineer (UPC).
    12 years in private equity of renewables, plus 5 years in venture capital. 7 years in renewable energy engineering, construction and development.

    Xavier Gàsquez Rutes

    Managing Director at Sinia Renovables

  • Diego López Chan

    Master’s in Finance (U. Vigo), PD Venture Capital (IEB). Degree in Economics (U. Vigo).
    More than 17 years in private equity.

    Diego López Chan

    Executive Director

  • Abel Rasgado Pérez

    CFA Level III Candidate (CFA Institute), MBA (INSEAD), MSc Carbon Finance (U. Edinburgh), MSc Economics (LSE), Industrial Engineer (Tecnológico de Monterrey).
    9 years in private equity of renewables and 11 years in structured finance for renewables and wholesale funding

    Abel Rasgado Pérez

    Investment Director

  • Manuel Chavarria Mur

    MBA (ESADE), Master’s in Engineering and the Management of Renewable Energies (Institut Català Tecnologia), Master’s in Engineering and Industrial Equipment (UPC). Industrial Engineer (UPC)
    14 years in the development, construction, maintenance and operation of renewable energies.

    Manuel Chavarria Mur

    Technical Director

  • Albert Nin Lumbiarres

    Industrial Engineer specialised in Energy Techniques (UPC), Postgraduate in Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (UPC). Studying for a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy Management (UB).
    20 years in promotion, construction, maintenance and operation of Renewable Energies and 8 years in cogeneration.

    Albert Nin Lumbiarres

    Technical VP

  • Francisco López Vizcaíno

    Graduated with a MSc in Finance (U. Bocconi), BSc in Economics and Law (UPF). 7 years of Investment Banking experience at Rothschild and Barclays advising across multiple sectors with a focus on energy and infrastructure.

    Francisco López Vizcaíno

    Investment VP

  • Blai Pié Valls

    CFA Charterholder, PhD in Quantum Physics (UB), MSc in Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Cosmology (UB), BSc in Physics (UB).
    4 years in private equity of renewables and 3 years in financial division. 2 years in ICT consultancy, 6 years in scientific research.

    Blai Pié Valls

    Investment VP

  • Guillem Badosa Granell

    Master’s in Finance (IEF), Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA), degree in Finance and Accounting (URV).
    3 years in private equity of renewables and 1 year in structured finance of renewables and infrastructure .

    Guillem Badosa Granell

    Investment Associate

  • Eduardo Mendizábal González

    Msc in Sustainable Finance and Investment (Univ. Edinburgh), Degree in Financial and Investment Management (Tecnológico de Monterrey)
    7 years’ experience in private equity, investment banking and consulting. 3 years’ experience in sustainable and renewable investments.

    Eduardo Mendizábal González

    Investment Associate

  • Marc Leal Lázaro

    BBA Graduate (UB), Exchange Programme in Paris School of Business (Finance &Accounting).
    1 year in Infrastructure & Renewables Private Equity Investment.

    Marc Leal Lázaro

    Investment Analyst

  • Judit de la Calle Romera

    Degree in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order (ESADE), Master in Business Management (UAB).
    Experience in Consulting, M&A and Private Equity.

    Judit de la Calle Romera

    Investment Analyst

  • Sílvia Solé Terol

    Degree in Business Administration and Management (IQS – URLL), Master’s Degree in Business Management (UAB). Degree in Law (UOC) in progress.
    Experience in Consulting, Private Banking and Private Equity.

    Sílvia Solé Terol

    Investment Analyst

  • Gonzalo Méndez Blanco

    Master’s in Quality Management (UOC), Postgraduate degree in Environmental Techniques and Atmospheric Pollution (UB), degree in Chemical Sciences (UB), diploma in Business Sciences (UOC).
    7 years as Financial Controller in renewables and venture capital. 23 years in commercial banking.

    Gonzalo Méndez Blanco

    Senior Financial Controller


More than a century
helping the business

Our bank was founded in 1881 in Sabadell, with the aim of supporting the leading sector at the time: the textile industry. From the outset, Banco Sabadell was set up as a bank for companies, focusing on the growth of the cutting-edge developments occurring in local industry. Being a company-oriented bank has been the hallmark of Banco Sabadell, which has remained a leader for business to this day.

In a global environment of growing awareness of climate change and the need to pilot a transition towards a decarbonised economy, in 1997, following the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, Banco Sabadell’s renewable energy investment area was created. Initially, the investment projects many involved mini-hydro plant and later wind farms.

Sinia Renovables, part of BS Capital (Banco Sabadell’s private equity arm), is the investment wing dealing in renewable energies and sustainable businesses. We invest in equity, subordinated loans and construction loans, all of which are compatible solutions with senior financing. In addition, we bring the know-how of a team with more than 25 years of experience in the renewables sector and investment.

After more than 25 years, at Sinia Renovables we continue with the same spirit: to be at the side of entrepreneurs in the renewable energy and sustainability sector.


Those who claim it is impossible
should not interrupt those who
are trying it

Thomas Edison

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